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Mary Louise FiteMary Louise Fite Foundation established in 2006 as a vehicle to continue the personality and spirit of “Mama Fite”. This foundation is not intended to extend her life’s work because she did not view this in the context of work. Everything that she did was a reflection of who she was.

The foundation will focus on 3 general areas: The Word of God, The Love of God, and Faith in God.

The Word of God – Mary was very serious about correct interpretation and application of the Word and would readily remind any minister (especially her family) to “stay in the Word”. To continue this spirit the foundation will assist ministers to prepare for their calling through scholarships for training and education.

The Love of God – Mary spent tireless hours meeting the needs of people through food, transportation and visits. She believed in allowing people to see the love of God through your life and actions of love. She was not afraid to go where the love of God was needed any day and at any time. This will be the personality of the foundation as we will seek to meet the needs of people by supporting ministries that address needs and by using our resources to express God’s love to the hurting and broken.

Faith in God – Mary’s primary objective was to reap a harvest of souls. She did not want anyone to be left behind. She not only shared God, she lived God in everything that she did. This foundation will aggressively support missionary activities world wide to see the Gospel of Jesus Christ made available to all people.

Many of us have been blessed and strengthen by the life and witness of Mary Louise Fite. Her spirit and personality has impacted so many of us that we understand the void that has been caused by her departure. We ask each of you to make a commitment to regularly support the efforts of this foundation with your financial contributions. Starting tonight we would ask you to take this moment and make a contribution to continue the personality and spirit of Mary “Mama” Fite.

You can help the world experience Word, Love & Faith.

Mary Louise Fite Foundation is part of Blessed Harvest Institute all contributions are tax deductible.

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