The commission 
of  Matthew 28:19 
is to make disciples 
of all nations. 

Do you know how to make disciples?

Pastors and Ministry leaders all over Christiandom seek to find and ways to "grow" their congregations. Dr. Brian Fite delivers a Biblically based structure in which one can do just that.

- Dr. Jerret C. Fite

Even a novice can understand and use this guidebook
to invest in people who are hungry to be disciples of Yeshua.
I am not a pastor but with this guidebook I am leading a group
to become strong effective disciples. You can too. -

- Lakika Marshall

DDL Guidebook will navigate the journey of how to make disciples based on the teachings and ministry of Yeshua.

- Dr. Brian G. Fite

Disciple Making Focus

Blessed Coming & Going Productions

Dr. Brian and Pastor Barbara are commissioned and committed to assist the body of Christ to understand what it means to be disciple makers.  We have a number of opportunities to develop partnerships.  

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