Mighty Warrior

Jul 26, 2020    Pastor Hassan Rasheed

There is a WARrior in you! Oftentimes we lose sight of who Yahweh has called us to be; and what the purpose and destiny is for our lives. As Disciples we must take heed and rest on and in the WORDS of Yahweh. His profound promises and affirmations given to us are vital as we grow and journey through our Discipleship. Gideon, Yahweh’s chosen Warrior/Judge was hesitant and his faith wavered in his appointed assignment for Yahweh. However, we find that he was able to tear down idols and defeat his foes with only 300 men in the authority and power that was given to him. We must arrive at an understanding that Yahweh is always with us as we wage war against the flesh, the world and the enemy.